We are Irina and Lilly, a mother and daughter team whose love affair with organic and sustainable living began a few years back when some serious health challenges pushed us to make some life empowering changes. So we made friends with all the organic and biodynamic farmers in Australia and our healing journey began. 
Organic Me was founded with a pure heart full of spirit and a goal, to offer our wider community a new way of living and feeling amazing through better food and skincare. 
Since, we have launched several brands including Organic Me Australia Cold Pressed Juices and detox programs, K2Bars & K2Fuel, D.Bruman Organic Skincare, Babushka's Kvas, Buddha Tea, Buddha Chai + Buddha Sweets. 

We believe in sustainable and biodegradable packaging, so we try minimise packaging waste!

For more information on each brand, please click through the brand pages. 

"Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food" Hippocrates